KeyQuick Field Installer
KeyCleave - Fibre Cleaver
KeyQuick 20
Low Friction Indoor Cable
KeyQuick Mechanical Splice
KeyQuick Preconnectorized Pigtail
Splitter Box


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Fibre Optic range includes:

  • Optical Transmitters
    • Spaun SOTx
    • Spaun SORx
  • Key Fibre
    • KeyQuick Field Installable
      • Visual Locator with SC UPC patchcord and sleeve
      • Kevlar Scissors, Release Key, Fibre Stripper, Tweezers
      • Head Light, Ruler for KQ10 & KQ20, Wiper Box, Allen Tools
    • KeyCleave - Fibre Cleaver
      • Universal High-Precission Fibre Cleaver
      • Best cost-to-performance in the field
      • Automatic fibres alineation
    • KeyQuick 20
      • Field Installable Connector for FTTH Flat Cable
      • Extra Pulling Strength Connector Design
      • 100% Result Guranteed
      • Time & Installation reduced by 50%
    • Low Friction Indoor Cable
      • Low Friction sheath, Easy to push through conduits
      • Small diameter
      • Reduce installation time and costs
      • Supports low radius of curvature
      • Supplied with fibre G.657.B2
    • KeyQuick Mechanical Splice
      • Transparent body
      • Under 0.1dB
      • Test at a glance, no tools, no skills
      • Reusable
    • KeyQuick Preconnectorized Pigtail
      • Ensure factory loss specifications, quicker installations, and lower total installation cost.
      • Quick and Easy Termination
      • Save timeL 5 times faster
      • Fusion Splicer not needed
    • Splitter Box
      • Perfect Connection for Broadcast, Television Networks and Telecommunications